Steyr generator set

Steyr generator set

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    Steyr Generator Set Overloading Common Faults:

    Overloading cylinder head gasket is easy to damage, the cylinder sleeve is easy to increase the heat load and mechanical load, the turbocharger of the generator is red, it will be damaged after a long time of high temperature, pull the cylinder, Faults such as burning tiles can also occur easily; the generator is difficult to dissipate due to overload, and the coil will be broken down and burned.

    Steyr Generator Set Emergency Shutdown:

    When the generator is running abnormally, it needs to stop immediately. When an emergency stop occurs, quickly press the emergency stop button or the fuel pump stop control handle will be quickly pushed to the stop position.

    Steyr Generator Maintenance:

    Diesel filter replacement time is 300 hours, air filter replacement time is 400 hours, engine oil The filter replacement time is 50 hours for the first time and 250 hours for the later period. The oil change time is 50 hours, and the normal replacement time is 2,500 hours.