Steyr diesel engine unit

Steyr diesel engine unit

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    Steyr diesel engine unit operation requires attention: <>

    1. Before starting the Steyr diesel engine unit, it is necessary to check whether the circulating cooling water in the water tank is sufficient. If it is not enough, it is necessary to replenish the water in time. Because the unit's heat is dissipated by the water cycle.

    2. The summer is relatively hot and humid, should be careful not to affect the normal ventilation and cooling of the Steyr diesel engine unit, and often clean the dust and dirt in the ventilation duct to keep unobstructed. It should not be operated in sunlight and high temperature environment to prevent the generator body from heating up too quickly and causing malfunction.

    3. After 5 hours of continuous operation, stop for half an hour for a while, because if you work under high speed compression, long-term high temperature operation will damage the cylinder.

    4. Can't run in high temperature sunshine environment, because the body heating too fast will cause malfunction.

    5. Summer is the thunderstorm season. In order to do the lightning protection work on the Steyr diesel engine unit site, all kinds of mechanical equipment and construction projects must be done in accordance with the regulations. The generator set should be well protected and connected to zero.