Shangchai diesel generator set

Shangchai diesel generator set

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    Daily diesel diesel generator set daily inspection:

    Check the fuel quantity of Shangchai diesel generator set, observe the fuel storage capacity of the fuel tank, add enough fuel as needed; check the oil level in the generator oil pan, the oil level should reach the oil level Marked, when the oil quantity is insufficient, the specified amount increases the oil level of the diesel fuel injection pump governor, and the oil level should reach the engraved line mark on the oil scale. When it is insufficient, it should be added.

    Check the three leaks (water, oil, gas) of Shangchai diesel generator set. Eliminate oil leakage and water leakage on sealing surfaces such as oil and water pipe joints; eliminate air leakage from intake and exhaust pipes, cylinder head gaskets and turbochargers; check the installation of accessories, including installation stability and anchors for each accessory Reliability of connection to work machines.

    Check all the instruments of the Shangchai diesel generator set. Observe whether the reading is normal, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced in time; check the transmission connection of the fuel injection pump. Regardless of whether the connecting screw is loose or not, the spray advance angle should be adjusted again, and the connecting screws should be tightened to clean the appearance of the generator and auxiliary equipment. Wipe the oil, water, dust on the surface of the fuselage, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air filter, etc. with a dry cloth or dry cloth soaked in diesel oil, and wipe or blow off the live generator, radiator, fan with compressed air. Dust on the surface.