Fuel generator set

Fuel generator set

Product Details

     Fuel generator set uses four-stroke industrial water cooling Diesel engine has good power, economy, reliability, high versatility of parts, easy replacement and easy maintenance.

     The fuel generator set is widely used in railways, highways, factories, and fish farming industry as power and lighting power. It can be used as a mobile power source for engineering construction and flood control. It can also be used in emergency power sources in public places such as hospitals, hotels, and schools.

    The fuel generator set can be installed in a well-ventilated and environmentally clean environment, as far as possible in a power distribution room. The air outlet of the intake pipe should be as low as possible during installation so that the introduced air can pass over the heat sink of the generator. The exhaust fan should be installed at the inner high position to allow the high-temperature rising airflow to be discharged outside the room in time. An exhaust duct should be provided to exhaust the exhaust gas generated by the generator to the outside. The distance between the two fuel generator sets should be no less than 0.8m. Do not install other equipment and stack other debris within 2m.