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Check and prepare for pre-generation of fuel generator sets
- 2019-08-04-

1.Fuel generator set check before departure

1) Receive notification of power generation After clearing the amount of power generation, it is necessary to check the fuel generator set (water level, fuel level, oil level, starting battery voltage and whether there are leakage, leakage, oil leakage, gas leakage) to ensure normal power generation. Generated after reaching the base station.

2) Carrying the tools, instruments and protective equipment you need: gloves, grounding rod, 1*4 grounding cable, sharp tongs, pen, Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, adjustable wrench, electrical tape , multimeter, bipolar switch key, base station key.

2. Inspection and preparation before power generation

After the fuel generator set arrives at the site, it should be placed in a horizontal position to avoid direct sunlight or rain. The intake and exhaust ports of the generator are aligned with the inlet. Or exhaust the exhaust in the upward direction.

1) Connect the grounding wire of the fuel generator set and lay the grounding pile to ensure reliable grounding connection;

2) Switch the brake knife in the bipolar switch box to the unit Location to ensure its reliability.

3) Connect the output cable of the oil machine to the oil machine port of the bipolar switch box to ensure reliable connection and isolation measures, and lock the switch box door;

4 Under the premise of ensuring that the AC input main switch is disconnected, the base station of the bipolar switch box should cut off the AC input zero line of the base station, protect the isolation edge, and connect the standby output of the oil output cable to the AC power. The allocation screen of the base station should be turned on to ensure that the alternate output capacity matches the capacity of the oil machine.

5) Connect the oil output cable to the fuel generator set output switch to ensure reliable connection and reliable isolation.

6) Check if the output cable connection phase of the unit is correct and the connection is safe and reliable. Check the cable routing path for safety hazards and cable entanglement.

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