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Exhaust of Steyr diesel engine unit
- 2019-03-05-

   Steyr of the Steyr diesel engine unit:

    1. Generator room Ventilation should be as high as possible. The ventilator should be selected according to the temperature of the ventilating energy flowing through the ambient temperature to improve the ventilation of the air, and the indoor hot air should be discharged to the outside. Avoid getting things in. Does not contradict the winds of the year, so as not to obstruct ventilation. If it is unavoidable, ventilate the elbow or deflector 4-8.

    2. It is necessary to introduce cooling air from the motor room and arrange the motor in detail.

    3. The air filter after cooling of the generator set needs to be kept sealed to prevent hot air from entering.

Every shift of the Steyr diesel engine unit:

    1.Check the oil level in the oil pan, oil bath air filter, power output gearbox . If the oil level rises, find out the cause and remove it. If the oil is lacking, it should be added to the specified value.

    2. Check the coolant level in the tank. If it is lacking, it should be topped up. When the water temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, the cooling water should be drained after shutdown (no antifreeze).

    3. Check and tighten the bolts and nuts of the Steyr diesel engine unit to remove oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage.

    4. When working in a dusty environment, use compressed air to remove dust from the air filter.

    5. Remove dirt, dust and oil from the exterior of the Steyr diesel engine unit.

    6. When working on the machine, pay attention to listening to the sound, investigate the exhaust smoke, and remove the defects and abnormalities found.

Exhaust gas is toxic:

    Steyr diesel engine unit should have a suitable exhaust system to ensure that the engine exhaust is discharged to the outside, to check whether the exhaust system is leakage. When there is exhaust gas in the generator room, the door and window should be opened to exhaust the exhaust gas before entering the room to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the exhaust gas.

Fire Precautions:

    Metal objects can cause a short circuit, which can cause a fire. To keep the engine clean, excessive oil contamination can cause damage from overheating and fire explosions. Appropriate amount of dry powder or CO2 gas fire extinguisher should be placed in the engine room of Steyr diesel engine unit.

    In order to ensure the safety of the Steyr diesel engine unit, we should take the initiative to effectively prevent personal injury. We hope to stop seeing the tragedy of indoor poisoning in the generator set in winter.