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Common fault handling method for Cummins diesel generator sets
- 2019-03-05-

    Cummins Diesel Generator Set Condition:

    Engine valve drop into the cylinder is usually caused by valve stem breakage, valve spring breakage, valve spring seat breakage, valve lock clip off. When the cylinder head part makes a "dangdang" knocking sound (the piston hits the valve), "嚓嚓" rubbing sound (the piston hits the valve) or accompanied by other abnormal sounds, the engine is often unstable, which is often a precursor to the valve falling into the cylinder. At this point, stop and extinguish immediately, otherwise it will damage the piston, cylinder head and cylinder liner, bend the connecting rod, break the body and break the crankshaft.

   The condition of the broken shaft of Cummins diesel generator set:

    Failure of the Cummins diesel generator set crankshaft shoulder fatigue caused by hidden cracks The symptoms are not obvious. As the crack expands and aggravates, a dull knocking sound is heard in the crankcase of the engine. When the speed changes, the knocking sound increases and the engine emits black smoke. Soon, the knocking sound gradually increased, the engine produced jitter, the crankshaft broke, and then turned off. Therefore, when abnormal noise occurs in the crankcase of Cummins diesel generator set, it should be stopped immediately.

    Mineral acid is formed by the chemical reaction of water vapor with acidic oxides after burning a combustible mixture in a Cummins diesel generator cylinder. In addition, organic acids such as formic acid and residual acid are formed during the combustion process to corrode the working surface of the cylinder. After corrosion and friction, the surface of the generator cylinder is corroded to form a loose structure, which is gradually scraped off by the piston ring during friction.

    The formation of mineral acids and their effects on wear are directly related to their operating temperatures. When the temperature of the cooling water is lower than 80 ° C, water droplets are easily formed on the surface of the cylinder wall of the generator. The acidic oxide dissolves in water to form an acid which can cause corrosion to the cylinder wall. The lower the temperature, the easier the acid material is formed and the greater the corrosion effect.

    In addition, when the Cummins diesel generator fuel supply is too large and the unburned fuel is converted to gas, the temperature inside the generator cylinder is greatly reduced. At the same time, the erosion effect of the oil film on the cylinder wall is also large, resulting in cylinder wear. Due to the proximity of the upper part of the cylinder of Cummins diesel generator set, the influence of the three factors mentioned above is also greater. The upper part of the generator cylinder wears more than the lower part, and the upper part of the generator cylinder is tapered along the length direction.

    Cummins diesel generator set communication generator, control panel moisture-proof device: If the equipment is stored at high temperature or low temperature for a long time, it is recommended to use communication generator and control panel moisture-proof device. This will reduce the humidity of the generator and control panel or reduce the effects of static electricity in winter.