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How to store fuel generators in winter
- 2019-03-21-
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      Entering winter temperatures will be getting lower and lower, many Fuel Generator Set The winter storage method needs to pay attention to the following points:

      1. Turn off the oil switch of the fuel generator set and empty the gasoline on the fuel tank.

      General gasoline will cause oxidation and deterioration after being placed for about 1 month, especially ethanol gasoline. Metamorphic gasoline will form acid and rubber in the oil system (including carburetor). The sediments, which will corrode the solenoid valve and the main nozzle of the carburetor of the fuel generator set, causing clogging of the carburetor and seizing of the solenoid valve, resulting in failure to start or power loss of the generator, and traveling. And other issues. Therefore, if the fuel generator set is not used for a long time, the residual gasoline in the oil pipe and the carburetor should be emptied. Method: After the fuel switch of the unit is turned off, start the unit to stop itself, then release the oil at the bottom of the carburetor. Screw the oil in the oil circuit and the carburetor oil cup.

      2.Change oil

      After a long period of use, the fuel generator oil will lose lubrication due to high temperature oxidation, and there are The worn metal smash or oxide precipitates in the generator set. If not changed regularly, these worn impurities will quickly accelerate the wear of the generator and reduce the service life of the generator set. Generally, we recommend to change the oil for 50-100 hours. The specific conditions can be determined according to the local use.

      Precautions for changing the oil: The generator runs for about 1 minute, after it is extinguished (note that the purpose is to stir the impurities in the crankcase of the fuel generator set for easy discharge. Twist the oil dipstick with Arrange the oil screw (the oil drain screw is below the oil dipstick), after draining, screw on the oil drain screw and add new oil from the oil stopper. (The general two-cylinder unit SH11000HA/SHT11500HA/SH13000HA/SHT15000HA has an oil capacity of 1.5L; The remaining units will be placed in a horizontal position, added to the flat oil level of the oil dipstick, and the flow will not be out. The oil is recommended to use four-stroke gasoline engine oil, and the side will damage the fuel generator set. The oil needs to choose the right oil according to the local temperature. Because the fuel generator set has an organic oil sensor, if the oil viscosity of the unit and the temperature are not reached, it will be automatically protected, but also if the viscosity of the oil happens to be unprotected within the range of the sensor, it will cause damage to the unit. /p>