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Several sources of noise for silent trailer generator sets
- 2019-03-29-

      At present, the problem of power shortage in China is becoming more and more prominent, and people are increasingly demanding environmental protection. As a backup power supply for the power grid, Silent Trailer Generator Set < trong=""> has been heavily used for its low noise. Silent trailer generator set with silent box can achieve 30dB noise reduction, but there is still a big gap between our products and foreign countries. The mute box of diesel generator set is designed with multiple muffling technologies to make noise 108dB dropped below 75dB and achieved good noise reduction.

      In order to effectively control the noise, first analyze the generation and distribution of the unit noise, so as to use the noise control technology in a targeted manner. According to the working principle of the gas turbine generator set, the generation of noise is very complicated. From the causes and locations, the noise of the gas turbine generator set can include the following parts:

      1) Smoke exhaust noise;

    ;   2) mechanical noise;

      3) combustion noise;

      4) cooling fan and exhaust noise; p>

      5) Ingress noise;  

      6) Generator noise.

      According to its propagation path, it can be summarized as the following noises

      1) Exhaust noise of internal combustion engine Smoke exhaust noise is a kind of high temperature and high speed pulsating airflow noise. It is a part of the unit noise with large energy and many components. It is much higher than the intake noise and the mechanical noise of the body radiation. It is the main noise of the unit. The component is also the focus of noise control. Its fundamental frequency is the ignition frequency of the internal combustion engine.

      2) Intake noise. That is, the noise at the intake of the box, the intake noise mainly includes the mechanical noise, generator noise and airflow noise of the silent trailer generator set. Since the intake air is passively intakeed and is located away from the main noise source, the noise level is relatively low compared to other locations, and the required amount of noise reduction is small.

      3) Exhaust noise. That is, the noise at the air outlet of the box, the main components of the exhaust noise are exhaust noise, airflow noise, fan noise, mechanical noise and combustion noise of the internal combustion engine. There are many noise sources and high noise level, and because the silent trailer generator set adopts strong exhaust air cooling, which increases the outward propagation of noise, the noise control here is relatively difficult.