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Steyr generator set working principle and system composition
- 2019-04-09-

      Steyr generator setHow it works

      When the crankshaft of the diesel engine rotates, the generator rotates Power generation. There are DC and alternators in the generator. The DC generator is mainly composed of a generator casing, a pole core, a field coil, an armature and a carbon brush. Working principle of power generation: When the diesel engine drives the generator armature to rotate, the armature coil cuts the magnetic lines of force in the magnetic field due to the remanence of the magnetic pole core of the generator. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the current is generated by magnetic induction and output by a carbon brush.

      The alternator is mainly composed of permanent magnets (called rotors) and alternating north and north pole armature coils (called stators) made of magnetic material and silicon A plurality of series coils made of cast iron are composed in parallel. Power generation principle: The rotor is driven by a diesel engine to cut the magnetic lines along the axial direction. The alternating magnetic poles in the stator form an alternating magnetic field in the coil core. The rotor rotates one revolution, and the direction and magnitude of the magnetic flux change many times. Due to the change of the magnetic field, the induced current in the coil changes in magnitude and direction, and the current is transmitted by the stator coil.

      In order to protect electrical equipment and keep it running properly, the current from the generator needs to be adjusted and controlled by the regulator.

      Introduced the intake system of the Steyr generator set.

      Steyr generators are equipped with a dry air filter and air resistance indicator, using an exhaust gas turbocharger, full intake, better performance.

      Steyr generator set exhaust system:

      Steyr generator set uses pulse dry exhaust pipe, can be utilized Exhaust gas energy to maximize engine performance. The unit is equipped with a 127 mm diameter exhaust elbow and an exhaust bellows for easy connection.

      Steyr generators are important cooling systems:

      Steyr generators use gear centrifugal pumps to force water cooling, flow The channel design is large, the cooling effect is good, and the heat radiation and noise can be reduced. Rotary water filter prevents rust and corrosion, controls acidity and removes impurities.

      Steyr generator lubrication system:

      Variable flow oil pump with main tubing signal tube, according to main oil pressure Adjust the amount of pump oil to optimize the amount of oil entering the engine. Low oil pressure (241-345 kPa) can effectively reduce pump oil power loss, improve power performance and improve engine economy.