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Silent trailer generator set is very convenient
- 2019-04-09-

      In disaster areas, such as mobile command posts, disaster resettlement sites, emergency vehicles, repair vehicles, etc., use Silent Trailer Generator Set is more convenient. The silent trailer generator set has no fixed place of use and is a power generation facility that can be used everywhere. Diesel generator sets are a good choice for silent trailer generator sets due to their light, flexible and easy to operate features. Silent trailer generator sets are generally designed in the form of power vehicles, with self-powered vehicles and trailer-powered vehicles.

      At the same time, for some units with high requirements for power supply equipment, such as hospitals, mines, banks, airports, etc., sometimes one minute and one second power outage is not allowed. Therefore, emergency power generation must be replaced at the moment when the grid power supply is terminated, otherwise it will cause a large loss. Therefore, these units should prepare spare silent trailer generator sets at all times to prevent accidents.

      The main difference between a silent trailer generator set and a general generator is that the silent generator is equipped with a more effective muffler. Mainly used in homes and places where noise control is required. The power silent type generator set has the advantages of small size, light weight and compact structure, beautiful sound insulation cover, simple disassembly and assembly, convenient operation, excellent performance and stable operation. Mainly used in hospitals, hotels, communications, and other fields.

      Silent trailer generator set noise source: exhaust noise, mechanical noise, combustion noise cooling fan, exhaust passage noise, intake noise, etc.; take shock absorption and sound insulation measures, Limit the path of vibration and noise propagation for low noise operation.

      Exhaust noise is the main part of engine noise, which is the main part of engine aerodynamic noise. It suppresses exhaust noise and corrects the exhaust noise of muffler. 20-30dB(A) or more; a bellows shock absorber in the exhaust system effectively cuts off the vibration of the exhaust; heats and vents the exhaust duct in the silent enclosure to improve the operation of the silent trailer generator set Environment, separating the noise caused by the exhaust pipe.