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Maintenance and maintenance knowledge of fuel generator sets
- 2019-04-17-

      The replacement period of the fuel generator oil must be replaced after the running-in period (50 hours or three months), and every 300 hours or every year thereafter. The oil quality can be selected from APICE series CF-4, CG-4, CH-4 series or ACEA E2, E3 series or CCMC D4 series grade oil. Note that if the sulfur content of the lubricating oil is greater than 0.5%, the detection interval should be reduced by 50%. Different brands and different types of engine oil should not be mixed when changing the oil. First warm the unit for 10 minutes and then stop; open the drain plug, drain the oil in a suitable container, and tighten the drain plug. Inject the oil from the filler port to the scale of the oil gauge. Note: The oil filter must also be replaced when changing the oil.

      The replacement of the coolant must be replaced within 200 hours or three months. Change every 500 hours or one year in the future. Carefully remove the top cover of the water tank and open the drain valve under the water tank to ensure that there is no blockage at the discharge port. After removing the cooling water, flush the cooling system with clean water, close the drain valve, fill the coolant, and cover the top cover. Note: Do not open the tank cover within 15 minutes of running the unit that has just stopped. Prevent water vapor from escaping and injuring people.

      Daily routine or pre-boot check items to check and eliminate the three leaks of oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage, wipe the surface of the generator set, and keep the appearance and environment of the diesel engine clean and tidy.

      A. Maintain the cleanliness of the fuel generator set. Clean once a week, wipe the surface of the generator set to keep the diesel engine appearance and environment clean.

      B. Check the fuel tank oil level. Ensure emergency power supply to the unit.

      C. Check the oil level, whether there is abnormal increase or decrease, and find out the cause. If it is insufficient, add it in time.

      D. Check the water level in the tank.

      E. Check the battery voltage. Note: Only add liquid to the battery. Do not add electrolyte. Otherwise, the density of sulfuric acid should be too high to damage the battery, and there is danger of injury. .

      F. Check the looseness of each protective cover and tighten the screws and nuts of each connecting part.

      G. Insulation should be done in winter, and enough antifreeze should be injected into the tank.

      6. Unit operation test and maintenance A. The diesel tank should be cleaned once every three months, 100kw Perkins generator set to prevent accumulation of water, iron and impurities.

      B. For the standby fuel generator set, start the test operation once a week, and check the indicator light of the instrument panel. Run for 5-10 minutes at no load, with appropriate amount every half month. Load (not less than 30%) for 15-30 minutes.

      C. The tightness of the water tank belt is checked once a week. If it is worn, it should be replaced