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Detailed structure of silent trailer generator set
- 2019-04-25-
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      Detailed description of the silent trailer generator set structure

      1) Silent trailer generator set with high maneuverability and brake safety Well-made, beautiful appearance.

      2) The control unit of the unit is located above the generator. The product is suitable for field operations, urban engineering, remote power shortage areas, and more mobile departments to do lighting, power communication common or backup power.

      3) The diesel generator set is fixedly mounted on the trailer with the standard auto parts, and is composed of a metal cover. It can be freely moved by the vehicle traction, and the sound insulation and noise reduction technology can be applied. The trailer power station is made into a silent trailer power station. It has the characteristics of low noise, dustproof and rainproof, and strong adaptability to the environment. This product can be used as a power supply for emergency temporary current and mobile stations.

      4) Silent trailer generator set, the diesel engine and the generator are directly connected to each other and seated on the steel plate bottom. The power station adopts single-axis or double-shaft structure. It is made of sheet metal and adopts full sealing structure. It can be dustproof and rainproof, and has window and lower door for front and rear and left and right for maintenance and use. The power station is equipped with brakes, suspension, traction and other devices.

      5) The power station is equipped with a complete set of instruments required for monitoring operation, with voltage setting, automatic voltage regulation and short circuit protection.

      6) Silent trailer generator sets are divided into single-axis and dual-axis configurations according to power. The power station is equipped with a spring damper device, and the power station has a brake device to ensure that the trailer can be motivated and safe on the normal road surface. The trailer is equipped with a rain cover and air inlet and outlet blinds to ensure that the power station can work all day. There are doors on both sides of the rain cover for operation and maintenance, and the door can be locked. The instrument can be viewed through a glass window mounted on the access door for ease of use. The rain cover is equipped with a fuel tank and a battery. The fuel tank can be used for more than 8 hours at full capacity.

      7) Adapt to the support feet used throughout the day, the trailer is easy to operate, flexible, air brake, hand brake to ensure driving, parking safety, pre-installed cable rack, equipped with large-capacity unit fuel tank To ensure the normal operation of the silent trailer generator set, the shock absorption measures ensure the smooth operation of the unit, and the overall cover is convenient for users to use and maintain.