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Shangchai diesel generator fuel supply system
- 2019-05-31-
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Shangchai Diesel Generator Set as a power generation equipment has been widely used in various industries, whether as Standby, emergency or continuous power generation equipment. Diesel engines have provided us with strong and stable power. Today, Shandong Haofeng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. shares the diesel fuel supply system for everyone. A good supply system can make your equipment more economical and stable.

The function of the fuel supply system of Shangchai Diesel Generator Set is to inject a certain amount of diesel into the cylinder according to the working requirements of the diesel engine within a certain range of speed and with a certain pressure and according to a certain injection law. So that it is mixed with compressed air faster and well. Its working state has an important impact on the power and economy of the diesel engine.

Let's take a look at the composition of the more widely used inline plunger fuel injection diesel fuel supply system.

Diesel Supply System Workflow:

Inline Piston Fuel Injection Pumps are generally driven by timing gears of the upper diesel diesel generator crankshaft. The piston type fuel pump fixed to the fuel injection pump body is driven by the cam shaft of the fuel injection pump. When the diesel engine is working, the fuel pump draws in diesel from the diesel tank, removes the moisture in the diesel through the oil-water separator, filters the impurities in the diesel through the diesel filter, and then enters the fuel injection pump. After the diesel fuel in the fuel injection pump is measured, it is sent to the injector through the high-pressure fuel pipe 9, and then the diesel fuel is injected into the combustion chamber through the injector. The front end of the fuel injection pump is equipped with a fuel injection advancement device, and the rear end is integrated with the governor. Excess diesel fuel supplied by the fuel pump and return oil from the top of the injector are returned to the diesel tank through the return line. In some small diesel engines, the oil pump is usually not installed, but is provided by gravity (the position of the diesel tank is higher than the position of the fuel injection pump).