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Benefits and maintenance of fuel generator sets
- 2019-06-10-

The fuel generator set is a branded unit. Its advantages are easy maintenance, low generator parts, small unit size, low fuel consumption, and efficient cooling system. It can be used in a variety of environments; it has good dynamic performance, stable speed control system, and can be effectively controlled when starting and load changes. Exhaust emissions. Automatic brushless excitation generator, high quality AVR anti-interference. It integrates GCU control, perfect alarm and protection functions, and can realize PCRC type computer remote control and optional universal control system. The basic matching system for diesel generators is as follows:

The fuel generator set comes with a dry air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and cooling radiator.

The alternator of the fuel generator set is a Class H septum with an automatic voltage regulator.

24V DC starter motor with battery charging generator and a set of battery packs and cables.

The unit is mounted on a steel profile base with built-in damping for the unit and the undercarriage.

Do your daily patrol work and perform the required maintenance according to the actual use of the fuel generator set (standby, regular) and operating conditions. In order to ensure the emergency of the fuel generator set, it can be started quickly and put into a good state of power supply. Use the specified fuel, lubricating oil and coolant and replace it in time; keep the diesel engine clean, check the three leaks and looseness regularly to ensure the normal and stable operation of the diesel engine and increase the service life. The maintenance cycle and maintenance items of the engine should be adjusted according to the application, the condition of use, and the performance of fuel oil and lubricant. Refer to the maintenance manual for the diesel generator for details. Generally calculated by working hours and calendar, 120kw low noise generator set, whichever comes first.