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Fuel generator set classification and startup precautions
- 2019-06-27-

Fuel generator sets are widely used, and are used in railways, highways, factories, and fish farming industries. Lighting power supply. It can be used as a mobile power source for engineering construction and flood control. It can also be used in emergency power sources in public places such as hospitals, hotels, and schools. The company's fuel generator sets are fully classified:

1. Open generators

Open generators are diesel engines, generators, water tanks and control panels that are assembled directly on the base.

2, silent generator

Silent generator set is a generator set with a silent box, generally can reach 60-75DB from the far side of the unit 7 meters, the mute effect is good;

3, mobile generators

The mobile generator set is installed on the mobile trailer to facilitate mobile operation.

Fuel generator sets are commonly used in breeding farms and other places. Please pay attention to the following points when selecting.

1. If there is a gap between the environment used and the calibration environment of the generator set, please explain the temperature and humidity at the time of purchase, so as to provide us with suitable models and supporting equipment.

2. When you are ready to buy, you will be asked to explain your configuration requirements. It is convenient for us to provide you with the right service.

3, when the normal delivery for you, we need to provide consumables. Please also need to explain the specific situation.

Problems to be noted before starting the fuel generator set:

1. Read the operating rules carefully, disconnect the AC, DC and external power supply of the generator set, disconnect the battery and the site. load.

2. Check coolant, lubricating oil, fuel, and check for leaks. If the oil level is lower than the specified value, it should be added to the normal position.

3. Check if the wires are loose, if there are any debris inside the generator, and if the battery ends are loose.

4. Check that the fuel supply valve and coolant shutoff valve are in the open position.

After the fuel generator set is started, it is confirmed that the generator set can be started after the specifications are met. Use the control box button to activate the switch (button) to start the engine, each start should not exceed 10 seconds, continuous start, should start after 2 minutes of start.