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Introduction to domestic diesel generator sets quotation
- 2019-07-05-

When purchasing domestic diesel generator sets The user is more concerned about the price of diesel generators. This is based on the functions and economic budgets required by each user unit. There are many manufacturers in the market. Due to the influence of various factors, the price of domestic diesel generator sets is also very different. Let's take a closer look:

Diesel generator sets are mainly composed of two parts, diesel engine and generator. The price of diesel generator sets varies with the brand and configuration of these two parts. Not only diesel engines are imported or domestically produced, but also generators are imported or domestically produced. When power and brand are consistent, pay attention to the brand of generators. Choosing different brands of generators will result in different performances of the entire diesel generator set. The performance of diesel generator sets is very important. Therefore, users should pay attention to the choice when selecting and purchasing diesel generator sets. According to the specific needs of enterprise users, we can negotiate with the diesel generator set manufacturers to select the matching generator set.

The price of 400 kW Yuchai generator set with domestic diesel generator set model YC6T660-D31 is over 190,000.

The price of the Shangchai 400kw generator set with the domestic diesel generator set model SC25G610D2 exceeds 140,000.

There are many other options for the 400KW diesel generator set, as follows:

1.ATS automatic load conversion cabinet

2.Automatic parallel and cabinet

3.Container type generator set

4.Mobile trailer type power station

5. Rain cover type generator set

6. Silent type Mobile Power Station

7. Remote Microcomputer Interface

8. Run 500-1000 hours of spare parts

Today, we will introduce the price of two domestic brands of diesel generators. The information is for reference only, because our company can design non-functional diesel generator sets and provide related services according to the specific needs of users, so the transaction price is subject to the actual demand function.