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Fuel generator fuel supply system
- 2019-07-13-

I. Fuel Generator Set Fuel Supply System Demo

Fuel Supply System is Data Center Important components of diesel generator sets

Second, daily fuel tank self-control demonstration

The daily fuel tank has four liquid level states, namely:

HH, High oil level. Alarm and start the drain pump

H, high oil level, stop the oil pump

L, low oil level, start the oil pump

LL, low and low oil level , alarm

1. When the liquid level reaches the high (HH, 85-90%) oil level, the scene and monitoring simultaneously sound and light alarm, while the emergency drain pump person, let the fuel generator set daily fuel tank Fuel back to the underground tank to prevent diesel spillage in the daily tank;

2. When the liquid level reaches the high (H, 75-80%) oil level, close the corresponding daily fuel tank. Fuel supply valve;

3. When the liquid level reaches the low oil level (L, 40-50%), open the corresponding daily fuel tank supply valve;

4. When the liquid level of the fuel tank reaches the low and low oil level (LL, 20%), the on-site and monitoring sound and light alarms;

5. When the accident alarm signal is met, start the fuel-generator fuel tank drain valve. Drain the diesel fuel in the fuel tank to the underground storage tank. The chamber tank; when the oil level of the fuel tank is higher than the upper edge of the oil spill pipe, the excess diesel fuel of the fuel tank can be automatically returned to the outdoor underground storage tank.