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How to use Weifang generator set?
- 2019-07-23-
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Weifang generator set has a voltage change rate of approximately 20-40%. Both industrial and household loads require a constant voltage. For this reason, as the load current increases, the field current must be adjusted accordingly. Although the trend of the adjustment characteristics is exactly the opposite of the external characteristics, it is rising for inductive and purely resistive loads, and generally decreases under capacitive loads.

1. When the Weifang generator set is working, the operation between two fuel injections is called a work cycle. In four strokes, this cycle needs to be accomplished by four different strokes of the piston, namely suction, compression, expansion and exhaust.

2. Combine suction and exhaust with compression and expansion, which is a two-stroke Weifang generator set. During the two-stroke cycle, the piston rises from the bottom (both bottom dead center), the intake port and the exhaust valve are open, fresh air is charged into the cylinder, and the residual exhaust gas from the last stroke can be exhausted;

< p=""> 3. When the piston is running up to about one-fifth of its stroke, the intake and exhaust valves are closed, and the temperature and pressure rise to a very high value;

4. When the piston arrives At the top of the stroke (ie, top dead center), the fuel valve injects fuel into the high temperature air in the cylinder, the fuel burns immediately, and the pressure rises rapidly, whereby the expanded gas forces the piston to move downward during the power stroke;

5. When the piston moves down to half of the stroke, the exhaust valve opens, and the high-temperature gas begins to flow out due to its own pressure, which is assisted by the fresh air entering the port, which opens as the piston descends further. Then another cycle begins again.