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How much is the maintenance of low noise generator set
- 2019-04-17-
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      Do you know about low noise generator set maintenance?

      1.Maintenance common sense Do a good job of daily inspections, according to the actual use of the low-noise generator set (standby, regular line) and operating conditions, carry out the required maintenance. In order to guarantee the emergency of the diesel generator set, it can be started quickly and put into a good state of power supply. Use the specified fuel, lubricating oil and coolant and replace them in time; keep the diesel engine clean, check the three leaks and looseness regularly to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the diesel engine and prolong the service life. The maintenance cycle and maintenance items of the engine should be adjusted according to the application, the condition of use, and the performance of fuel oil and lubricant. Refer to the maintenance manual for the diesel generator for details. Generally calculated by working hours and calendar, 120kw low noise generator set, whichever comes first.


      Air filter: Replacement after the running-in period (50 hours or three months). In the future, depending on the situation, in the case of low-noise generators, there is a cleanliness indicator on the air filter. When the scale is red, the filter should be shut down in time, and the unit that is not used for a long time is in use. The filter should be disassembled beforehand to check if the filter is moldy or damaged due to moisture! Note: Please remove the filter in the stop state.

      Oil filter: Replace after the running-in period (50 hours or three months), and replace it every 500 hours or half a year later. First warm the unit for 10 minutes and then stop. Find the disposable filter on the diesel engine and unscrew it with a belt wrench. Before installing the new filter port, check that the sealing ring is on the new filter and clean the contact surface. The specified lubricant is filled with a new filter to avoid back pressure due to air. Apply a little oil on the sealing ring, put the new filter back in place, hand-tighten it, and then screw it in 2/3 turn. Replace the filter and turn it on again for 10 minutes. Note: The oil filter must be replaced at the same time.

      Diesel filter: Replace after the running-in period (50 hours), and replace it every 250 hours or half a year later. The low-noise generator set is preheated for 10 minutes before stopping. A disposable filter is found at the rear of the diesel engine and unscrewed with a belt wrench.