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Silent box reduces the noise impact of Shangchai diesel generator set
- 2019-03-29-

      In the pair Shangchai Diesel Generator Set When the noise treatment is carried out, the anti-seismic problem of the Shangchai diesel generator set is no longer handled because the unit has been subjected to anti-shock treatment. According to the above analysis, the box wall is made of 2.0mm steel plate as the outer casing, with 40mm rock wool as the sound absorbing material, and then fixed with 1.0m perforated plate, so that the steel plate, rock wool and perforated plate are integrated to facilitate installation; The air nozzle muffler adopts a folding plate type muffler, and the folding plate is formed by combining sound absorbing materials on both sides of the steel plate, and the sound absorbing material is fixed by the perforated plate.

      According to the difference of insertion loss of the inlet and exhaust passages, the design of the air inlet muffler is 350mm, which is to reduce the length of the box and increase the length of the box. installation.

      Due to the complexity of the air outlet and the noise level of the muffler design is 2000mm long; the exhaust port of the internal combustion engine is higher in noise level, in order to increase the insertion loss, based on the original muffler Install a new resistant muffler to form a secondary muffler, effectively reducing exhaust noise; installing double-layer doors on both sides of the box not only ensures sound insulation but also facilitates equipment maintenance.

      Each control zone adopts corresponding noise control technology, and the integrated control reduces the noise level of the box to below 75dB, achieving good sound insulation effect. If the diesel fuel generator set with the silent box is placed in the machine room and the secondary noise reduction treatment is applied to the generator room, the noise impact will be further reduced.

      In order to reduce the noise during the operation of Shangchai diesel generator set, the mute box for the unit was designed by comprehensively using noise control technology. Control measures such as sound insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction are adopted for the noise characteristics of different positions. Under the condition of size limitation, the noise is reduced to below 75dB, which meets the environmental requirements of China.

      Practice has proved that the mute box designed in this paper can effectively reduce the impact of the noise of the diesel generator set on the outside world, which is to further reduce the noise during the operation of the diesel generator set of Shangchai. solid foundation.