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How should we maintain the Weifang generator set in the cold winter?
- 2019-03-21-
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      Weifang Generator Set Winter Storage Note Matters:

      1.Maintenance or change of spark plugs

      Because the spark plug burns in the combustion chamber for a long time, it is in a high temperature and high pressure state. If the loss piece is used continuously beyond the economic life, it is not conducive to the dynamic performance and economic performance of the Weifang generator set. It is recommended to change the spark plug regularly and at the same time, we also kindly remind you to buy the real parts, because the non-genuine parts will cause the generator set. Temperature, emissions, carbon deposits, fuel consumption, power consumption, etc. are all different. It is recommended that the spark plug replacement cycle be 1 year.

      2.Clean or change the air filter

      In order to prevent the impurities in the air from entering the carburetor of the Weifang generator set and The cylinder should avoid the clogging of the carburetor caused by the abnormal wear of the generator set, and the generator set should be cleaned or replaced periodically. The paper filter element of Weifang generator set needs to be noted that the paper filter element is removed, gently tapped, and the dust on the paper filter is tapped. If there is too much dust or oil has been stuck, please replace the filter element in time, if not replaced. It will cause difficulty in starting the generator set, and the intake air volume is insufficient for the generator set to emit white smoke and power loss. The air filter sponge of Weifang generator set can be cleaned. It needs to be cleaned with diesel or kerosene. Be careful not to clean it with gasoline. After cleaning, sprinkle the oil on the sponge filter, then wring it out and put it back on the unit.

      3. Start the storage of the battery

      The storage of the generator set battery is also critical, because the two-cylinder generator set Diesel generator sets are not equipped with a recoil starter, and the starter unit uses a starter battery. Start the battery storage method: Dissolve the positive and negative poles of the starting battery. Check if the liquid level of the battery is missing. If it is missing, please add the replenishing liquid (be careful not to add the original liquid). Periodically take the battery down and charge it. This will activate the polarity of the battery, or start the unit periodically for about 10 days. When the Weifang generator set starts, it will automatically charge the generator battery.

      4. Antifreeze

      Weifang generator set needs to pay attention to the antifreeze in the water tank. It is recommended to put the water tank clean when not in use. Storage, antifreeze addition suggestion According to the local climate temperature, add antifreeze at the appropriate temperature, antifreeze in the north is recommended to replace the temperature of about 40 degrees in the north; the south is recommended to replace the antifreeze about minus 10 degrees.