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Safe operation of Yuchai generator set
- 2019-03-05-
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    In high temperature weather, we must not only pay attention to personal safety, but also pay attention to electrical safety. When using Yuchai generator set, always pay attention to safe use to prevent overload.

    Listen carefully to the opinions of technical staff. When the consumer buys the product, the technician will show you how to operate and maintain the Yuchai generator set. At this time, you should concentrate on listening. Although there will be instructions at the time of purchase, the technicians will teach you face to face faster and more efficiently than your own research manual.

Reasons for the blackening of the Yuchai generator set:

    1. Pay attention to whether the fuel tank and oil circuit of the Yuchai generator set are cleaned when changing the oil. If not cleaned, the residue will contaminate the new oil.

    2. Observe whether the fuel is burned and observe whether the wear between the piston ring and the cylinder block is too large and the seal is tight. If the fuel is not burned, the exhaust will enter the oil tank, which will quickly turn the oil black and thick.

    3. Check if the oil grade of Yuchai generator set meets the requirements for use. High-temperature, high-speed, high-load generator sets should use oil with good oxidation stability and good additive quality. Poor quality oil will make the oil color darken and darken quickly.

    When the Yuchai generator set is used, it needs to be isolated from the public power grid. Before connecting the generator to the home grid, turn off the main gate of the power supply and disconnect it from the public grid. If it is not disconnected, Yuchai generator set will send electricity back to the public power grid. At this time, two accidents may occur:

    One is that Yuchai generator set can not bear huge load (think I think what the load on the public grid should be) and burn it off. Even more dangerous is that it can have a fatal impact on electric workers who maintain the public grid. Second, once the public power grid suddenly loses power, a strong current will burn the Yuchai generator set, causing serious fires and threatening the lives of consumers.