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What are the problems with the inferior Weifang generator set?
- 2019-03-05-

    Currently, Weifang Generator Set is sold by informal companies on the market. a>There are mainly the following problems:

    1. No documents. A qualified generator company generally has three types of certificates: a production license, a product certificate, and a trademark registration certificate. At the same time, the product qualification certificate should include the qualification certificate of the entire unit, the qualification certificate for the internal combustion engine and the qualification certificate for the generator. During the inspection, some generator companies were found to have no production licenses.

    2. Pretending: The District Quality Supervision Bureau has found many “problem generators” on the market, posing as a company in Shanghai. The first performance is that the certificate does not match the nameplate number, and the parts are assembled. At present, the manufacturer has been "identified".

    3. Refilling the old: The production cycle of Weifang generator sets is getting shorter and shorter, but the diesel engine is slower and cannot keep up. Some companies have repaired the old machines and painted them on the market.

    4. Quality defects: oil leakage, power outage, and unstable performance. The Weifang generator set is marked as 200kw and the actual power is only 100kw.

  Weifang generator sets are generally divided into ordinary diesel engines, spare diesel engines and emergency diesel generator sets. The requirements for these three situations are also different.

    There are a variety of Weifang generator sets on the market, with different quality and service. If the market quality, price and service are considered at the same time, you can choose to import Cummins and so on. If you consider the price factor, you can also choose domestic Yuchai, Weichai and so on.

    Before the Weifang generator set is used, it is necessary to measure the insulation resistance and absorption ratio of the stator and the excitation circuit. The insulation resistance of the stator shall not be less than 30% of the previously measured value. The insulation resistance of the excitation circuit shall be not less than 0.5M, and the absorption rate shall be not less than 1.3, and shall be recorded.

   If you want the Weifang generator set to be healthy, don't overload it for a long time. A generator with a rated power of 150kw can withstand a power load of 200kw in a short period of time, but consumers cannot do such a thing of "killing chickens and taking eggs." Overloading will shorten the life of the generator and increase noise and exhaust pollution. More seriously, the output voltage cannot reach the rated value and is likely to cause electrical damage.