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Inspection project on Shangchai diesel generator set
- 2019-03-05-

    Shangchai Diesel Generator Set Appearance inspection items when pressure is low:

    1. Check the quality and quantity of the oil:

    For low oil pressure generators, it is generally necessary to check whether the oil quantity meets the requirements. If the amount of oil is too small, the fault is obvious. If the amount of oil meets the requirements or is too high, carefully observe whether the oil contains diesel and water. If diesel oil is mixed in the oil, it will become thinner and the viscosity will decrease, resulting in too low oil pressure.

    2. Observe the oil pressure sensor and oil pressure gauge:

    Turn on the power (do not start the diesel engine at this time), observe whether the oil pressure gauge indicator Move and return to the "0" position correctly. If the pointer of the oil pressure gauge does not move or cannot return to “0”, the oil pressure gauge is out of alignment, or the oil pressure sensor fails, or the circuit is faulty.

    A direct-press oil pressure gauge that can be made in series on the main oil line. Start the diesel diesel generator set. If the oil pressure on the direct pressure gauge is normal, the fault is still in the relevant instrument and circuit. The oil pressure on the direct pressure gauge is too low, and the diesel generator of Shangchai has no abnormal sound. The oil pressure high pressure valve of the main oil passage and the pressure regulating valve on the oil coarse filter are debugged to observe the debugging effect.

    Give the diesel diesel generator set a "comfortable" environment. The generator cannot be used in a humid environment or placed indoors because of poor ventilation in the room, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, when using the Shangchai diesel generator set, it should be separated from the inflammable and explosive materials by more than 1 meter.

    Regularly check whether the engine oil of Shangchai diesel generator set is sufficient. Most generators are equipped with a protective device that does not start when the oil is not enough. In addition, when refueling, it is necessary to stop running before refueling; do not smoke when refueling, do not let the fuel overflow, if the fuel accidentally overflows, immediately wipe with a cloth.

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