Cummins diesel generator set

Cummins diesel generator set

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    Cummins Diesel Generator Set Notes on Use:

    1. Pay attention to the line connection of Cummins diesel generator sets:

    When using extended wires, ensure good insulation between them; specifications of external lines It is necessary to meet the electrical load requirements of the electrical appliance; directly inserting the outlet of the on-site generator set into the original power outlet of the residential power supply, it is impossible to form feedback, and may cause an electric shock accident to the user who supplies power to the same transformer.

    2. Pay attention to the storage and use of Cummins diesel generator sets:

    The type of fuel used should meet the requirements of the generator manual or label; The fuel for the construction generator shall be stored in a special warehouse. The facilities in the warehouse shall comply with the regulations of the fire department; before the fuel is refueled, the Cummins diesel generator set shall be closed and added after cooling to prevent the components on higher temperature. Produces fuel splashes and causes disasters.