How to debug the fuel pump of Shangchai diesel generator set?
- 2019-08-04-

How do I debug the fuel pump of the Shangchai diesel generator set?

In order to ensure the normal use of the generator, the commissioning of the fuel pump is very important. We must install and commission the fuel pump according to the calibration data sheet on the test bench. At present, the flow meter method is mainly used. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Prepare before commissioning. The fuel pump and injector have been commissioned on the test bench. The diesel engine generator set is in good condition and enters the hot running state; the fuel pump and the drive are properly connected, the gear pump is injected with clean fuel; and the throttle control lever is separated. Remove from the connecting rod to allow it to work freely; the tachometer is mounted on the connection of the fuel pump timer drive shaft. Check that the instruments used (such as pressure gauges, tachometers, etc.) are normal.

2. Idle speed adjustment. Unscrew the plug on the cover of the PTG regulator spring assembly. The idle speed of the generator is adjusted by rotating the idle speed adjustment screw (600+20) r/min. After the idle speed is adjusted, the screw plug is rotated; the generator fuel pump is equipped with an MVS regulator. The idle adjustment screw is located on the governor cover. After the idle speed adjustment, the lock nut should be tightened to prevent air from entering.

3. High speed adjustment. When the fuel pump of Shangchai diesel generator set is installed on the test bench, high-speed adjustment is generally not required. However, if adjustment is needed, the method of increasing or decreasing the high-speed spring washer is still adopted. The break speed of the generator governor should be higher than the diameter of the generator. -40r/min. Rated speed, to ensure that the governor does not limit before the calibration speed; the upper limit idling speed of the generator is general. 10% higher than the calibration speed.

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