Precautions when renting Yuchai generator sets
- 2019-05-07-

      1. The appearance of the Yuchai generator set should not be too high and can not be related Related safety shields and related external accessories. Due to the high degree of rust, the external parts cannot be fastened by the shackles, causing them to fall off during operation and the unsafe factors in the operation of the unit due to the lack of relevant protective covers.

      2. Diesel generators should not be shipped for too long, such diesel generators are generally eliminated in industrial and mining enterprises or ships. Due to the high energy consumption of the Yuchai generator set or due to the long time of delivery, the manufacturer's products are lightly upgraded, and users cannot purchase replacement parts.

      3. Yuchai generator set should not use brush motor, chemical plant, coal mine, etc. will produce flammable and explosive unsafe factors, because brush motor in operation carbon brush There is a weak spark between the uranium ring and the uranium ring. About 90% of the diesel generators on the used diesel generator market are brushed motors.

      4. Diesel engine manufacturers, domestic diesel engine brand manufacturers generally have Weichai Power, Jichai Power, Shangchai Power, Yuchai Power, currently appear on the market Many assembled diesel engines, such as Weifang XX Engine Co., Ltd., Shanghai XX engine, Yulin XX engine, the quality of the mechanical materials used in these engines do not meet the relevant standards of China, and there is a phenomenon that a small power engine is converted into a high-power engine. Class-class engines are highly hazardous to users due to insufficient power and the quality of each component.

      5. It is not advisable to rent second-hand Yuchai generator sets that are not well-maintained. The oil passages of poorly maintained diesel engines are easily blocked, which may result in low oil pressure or oil supply. Insufficient failure will cause serious failure of the cylinder or the axle.

      6. Do not lease the Yuchai generator set with large fuel consumption. The diesel engine that was shipped out of the factory 10 years ago is basically mechanical speed control, and the unit is running with the load. The change in the size of the mechanical oil pump does not reduce the oil supply or increase the oil supply as the load changes.

      7. The pilot operation of the Yuchai generator set shall be carried out. Check whether the technical parameters of the diesel generator meet the GB28020-2012 standard in China, check the oil pressure, water temperature and oil temperature. Whether the data meets the normal operating standards of the diesel engine and observe whether there is an alarm signal on the controller.