How to clean the fuel generator fuel tank?
- 2019-05-31-

The fuel generator set should be kept free of smoke smoke before operation. Keep the mailbox and the drum safely after refueling.

If there is too much deposit in the fuel-generator tank, a large amount of impurities will enter the tubing, accelerating the filter blockage, causing many components to accelerate wear and affect the normal use of the unit. We have to clean the fuel tank regularly. The correct steps are as follows:

1. Unscrew the oil plug in the mailbox and place the oil clean, then put the oil plug back in place.

2. Remove the mailbox cover and filter from the oil. The oil level is about 17 mm from the bottom of the box.

3. Then connect the compressed air hose to the dedicated sprinkler and washer.

4. Insert the hose with the sprinkler into the bottom of the mailbox.

5. Cover the filler port with clean gauze and open the air compression switch at approximately 500 kPa. Wash again under pressure.

6. When the sprinkler flushes the entire tank, remove the oil screw plug and release the oil. Remove dirt 2-3 times.

7. After cleaning the fuel tank, check the fuel filter for dirt or damage and dispose of it in time.

8. Check the venting of the fuel tank cap ventilation valve.

9. Fill up the oil and drain the air from the tubing.

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