Why is the low noise generator set popular?
- 2019-06-10-

At this stage, most of the diesel generator sets generate a lot of noise during operation, so in order to effectively reduce diesel The noise pollution caused by the generator set at work, and the inconvenience caused by the reduction of noise, the quiet-low noise generator set began to be widely used.

Let’s take a brief look at why the mute-low noise generator set is popular with everyone.

The mute-low noise generator set has the following characteristics:

1. Excellent low noise performance, unit noise limit of 75dB(A) (1m from the unit).

2. The overall design of the unit is compact, small in size and novel in appearance.

3. Multi-layer shielded impedance mismatched acoustic enclosure.

4. Efficiency noise reduction multi-channel intake and exhaust, air inlet and outlet channels, to ensure the power performance of the unit.

5. Large impedance compound silencer.

6. Large-capacity fuel oil.

7.Open the cover quickly and maintain it easily.

Secondly, the closed mute-low noise generator set has a short product update cycle. Open-type units are mainly used as backup power sources in indoor environments. The products are used at a lower frequency and have a shorter running time. The update period is generally 10-15 years, while the enclosed units are generally used outdoors (the operating environment is usually poor). The product is frequently used, and it often runs continuously for a long time or even throughout the day. The update period is generally 5-7 years.

Furthermore, low noise generator sets have excellent environmental performance. With the continuous advancement of society, people's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, and the tendency of policies, closed-type units will be more favored by customers because of the low noise pollution released by them.

With the increasing demand for mute-low noise generator sets, such as hospitals, hotels, living areas, large shopping malls and other places with high noise requirements, these are our potential client. Therefore, in the future industry, we will continue to work hard and continue to reform and innovate, increase scientific and technological research and development efforts, and strive to provide green and excellent services to the vast number of demanders.