The current popular domestic diesel generator set is Yuchai
- 2019-06-18-

At present, the market share is high. The domestic diesel generator set that consumers like is Yuchai generator set, Yuchai. The engine's market share in generating power is 35%, ahead of the industry. Yuchai engine fuel consumption rate and lubricant consumption rate are far better than China's similar diesel generator brand products, vibration, low noise, low stability, low emissions, in line with China's environmental protection requirements, product quality meets or exceeds China's relevant standards, 12 months Or the 1200-hour three-pack period is longer in China. The power of Yuchai generator set is strong. It can output rated power below 1000M above sea level, and can output 110% of rated power in less than 1 hour.

The domestic diesel generator set Yuchai series engine is the power product developed by Yuchai. The engine for generator set developed on the basis of it is stable and durable, energy saving and environmental protection, compact structure and strong transient loading ability. , good maintainability and other advantages. In the past, overseas customers preferred to use foreign brands such as Cummins. They did not believe in the quality of Chinese brands and Chinese products. They did not understand Yuchai. After the trial of Yuchai products in small batches, the quality and reliability of Yuchai engines. I agree that the products that are equipped with Yuchai engines are purchased in batches. Yuchai's stable performance can be compared with foreign brands, and Yuchai products are more cost-effective and can create more value for customers.

Domestic diesel generator sets are mainly composed of two parts: diesel engine and generator. The price of domestic diesel generator sets is different due to the different brands and configurations of these two parts. Not only diesel engines are imported, domestically produced, but also generated. The machine is also imported or domestically produced. When the power and brand are the same, pay attention to the brand of the generator. The performance of the whole diesel generator set is different when different brands of generators are selected. The performance of the diesel generator set is very important, so the user is When purchasing a domestic diesel generator set, you should pay attention to the selection. You can consult the diesel generator set manufacturer according to the specific needs of the enterprise users, so as to select the matching generator set.