Precautions when selecting a diesel diesel generator set for a breeding farm
- 2019-06-27-

Shangchai diesel generator sets are commonly used in breeding fisheries and other places. Please pay attention to the following points when selecting.

1. If there is a gap between the environment used and the calibration environment of the generator set, please explain the temperature and humidity at the time of purchase, so as to provide us with the appropriate models and supporting equipment.

2. When you are ready to buy, you will be asked about your configuration requirements. It is convenient for us to provide you with the right service.

3. When you ship the diesel diesel generator set normally, we need to provide the wearing parts. If necessary, please explain the specific situation.

When the early stage angle of the diesel generator set is too small, the injection delay of the injector will be formed, so that the diesel injected into the incineration chamber will be discharged when it is not enough to be incinerated, causing the exhaust to emit black smoke. When the early angle is too small, it will lead to an increase in exhaust gas temperature, an increase in fuel consumption, and a lack of power.

Since the load per cylinder is fixed, if the fuel supply to a single cylinder of the diesel generator is reduced, the other cylinders will be overloaded, and then more diesel fuel will be injected into the incinerator so that the diesel fuel cannot Fully burned and showed black smoke problems.

There is a phenomenon such as dripping oil, simmering oil or poor atomization in the fuel injector, which may cause the combustion time of the diesel engine to be injected into the incineration chamber to be delayed, resulting in black smoke.

When the internal seal of the diesel fuel generator incinerator is poor, the amount of compressed air in the cylinder is reduced, and the temperature and pressure are reduced at the end of compression. Due to insufficient air, the diesel fuel injected into the incinerator cannot be completely burned, resulting in black smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Shangchai Diesel Generator Set Water Heater: Regarding the water-cooled unit, although the antifreeze coolant is used, the engine is started in a cold area where the ambient temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius due to the poor fluidity of the liquid and the low temperature of the vehicle body. Still very difficult. The use of water jacket heaters can increase the temperature and fluidity of the coolant and rely on heat transfer to increase the temperature of the body, thus solving the problem of starting.