Low noise generator set product features
- 2019-07-05-

Low Noise Generator Set Product Features <>

High conversion rate

Full copper motor, Class F partition, high conversion efficiency.

Smooth output

Intelligent voltage regulation AVR, voltage stability, voltage waveform distortion is small.

Two-stage silencer

The double muffler is designed to be compact and has a low noise floor of 72 decibels.

Multiple options

* Optional smart remote control for controlling the machine anytime, anywhere.

*ATS automatic power switching device (built-in/external) can be selected to achieve fast switching between mains and diesel.

*Optional air preheater for easy low temperature (zero) start-up.

* Optional intelligent CNC panel for protection against overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, and low oil pressure on the machine, so you can use it without worry.

30% reduction in volume and weight, higher power, no electronic components such as AVR, maintenance-free, no noise.

Lithium battery charging, automatic detection of capacity charging (8-15KW, size: 820*530*530mm), reached an automatic stop.

Energy saving and environmental protection, lithium battery working for 10 hours, low noise generator set working 2-3 hours, reducing fuel consumption and reducing exhaust emissions.

Ordinary lithium batteries work 2000 times, and our hybrid electric generators can work 6,000 times, extending the life of generators and lithium batteries.

The conventional low-noise generator set is maintained once every month, and the hybrid electric-generator unit is maintained for 3 months, reducing costs.

Low fuel consumption, 8-10 liters for 10 hours of continuous operation.