Mute Trailer Generator Set Features and Benefits
- 2019-07-13-

Emerging market for silent trailer generator sets It mainly includes the Middle East and Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, and South America. Demand in the Middle East and Africa is mainly due to the power supply gap caused by infrastructure construction, oil exploration industry and imperfect power facilities. The region has high economic potential. The mobile trailer generator set is designed with high maneuverability, low center of gravity, safe braking, well-made and beautiful appearance. The joints of the leaf spring suspension structure are reasonable in selection, high in strength and good in rigidity. The power station is easy to operate, flexible in operation, good in sealing, stable and reliable. It is equipped with systems such as hand brakes, air brakes and rear tail lights to meet the needs of road traffic. It is commonly used in construction sites, roads, railway construction and temporary electricity.

Silent trailer generator sets can be divided into hand-push, three-wheel, four-wheel, car, trailer, mobile low noise, mobile containers and electric engineering vehicles.

Silent Trailer Generator Set Features:

1. Leaf spring suspension structure; equipped with mechanical parking brake (hand brake) and air brake connected to the tractor.

2. The generator trailer adopts a height-adjustable plug-in tractor for a variety of height tractors with large turning angles and strong maneuverability.

3. There are mechanical support devices at the four corners of the frame. There are operation and maintenance platforms on the three sides of the trailer and pedals on the rear.

Advantages of Silent Trailer Generator Sets:

1. Good low noise performance with a generator noise limit of 75dB(A) (1m from the unit).

2. The overall design of the unit is compact, small in size and novel in appearance.

3. Multi-layer shielded acoustic shields with unmatched impedance.

4. Efficiency noise reduction multi-channel intake and exhaust, intake and exhaust passages, to ensure that the unit has more dynamic performance.

5. Large impedance composite muffler.

6. Large-capacity injector.

7. Quickly open the cover for easy maintenance.