The value of Shangchai diesel generator set
- 2019-07-23-

Today's < a="" class="{$$0$$}">Shangchai diesel generator set is no longer a small and refined product. For the complete set of products, it is already a process of assembling the terminal products. The differences between the families are actually very small. The usual market competition, the traditional is the brand quality awareness, after-sales service, product prices, business skills, personal relationships and so on. The competition in the industry market is mainly reflected in the degree of conformity with the user's special use requirements, functions and quality, including pre-sales communication, similar case recommendation, special design, personality manufacturing, installation, environmental protection, service, training and so on. But competition has a common slogan: "Create value for customers." How do we evaluate the value of a product creation? Let us discuss such a problem today.

1. The value of existence

The beginning of value is existence. Existence is that the product is on the market and is accepted by customers. As long as it exists, it has its rationality. High-end and low-end customers have different needs, there will be different suppliers, saying that the market is oriented, that small is the market positioning, which side of the customer is prepared to do, and in combination with their actual situation, after the market positioning, then It is derived from what kind of products are produced. It is better to be a leader in the customer group that you are positioning, not to consume it in a business heap that is not good at it. On the other hand, many of the well-developed companies in the real world miscalculated the investment in hardware and software entering other markets. In the blind enterprising, they dragged their own cases and abound. Therefore, the value of existence lies in the location of the service space that is good at it, and its value is reflected and exists. Being able to provide good technical services to customers is a good existence value and the basis for future value enhancement.

2. The value of time

Time value is actually the value of experience accumulation, the value of business precipitation and brand promotion process. The popular point is “wife-in-law”. In entering each field, it is a process of groping and continuous improvement of customer product requirements. Actually, it requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. In exchange for the continuous improvement of the reputation of customers' products, this may take several generations. The accumulation of human efforts. If there is no real user experience accumulation, but want to simply imitate others, short-term access to market share, the initial may be, but will not last, after the customer experience is not recognized, it will plummet and collapse its own brand. Therefore, the value of time is the comprehensive accumulation process of experience, technology, users and contacts. The diesel engine generator set directly gives the user experience of safety, reliability, quality, convenient operation and fast service.