The characteristics of silent trailer generator set
- 2019-03-05-

    Silent trailer generator set features low noise and compact switchboard The utility model has the advantages of small occupied space; the box body is detachable structure, the box body is spliced with steel plate, the surface is coated with anti-rust paint, and has the function of noise reduction and rain prevention. The cabinet adopts a multi-layer barrier impedance mismatch silencer structure with a built-in large impedance silencer. The design of the box structure is reasonable, there is a large-capacity mailbox in the box, and there are two access doors on the left and right sides for the unit to be repaired. At the same time, the box is equipped with an observation window and an emergency shutdown button to observe the operation of the unit and stop in an emergency to avoid damage to the unit.

    Silent Trailer Generator Performance Features:

     1. Design Idea: Unit Noise Source: Exhaust Noise, Mechanical Noise, Combustion Noise, cooling fan, exhaust noise, intake noise, etc., take vibration and sound insulation measures to limit the propagation of vibration and noise, to achieve the purpose of low noise.

     2. Exhaust noise control: Exhaust noise is a large component of engine noise. Controlling exhaust noise is a major component of engine aerodynamic noise. The exhaust noise of the muffler is selected correctly, which can be reduced by 20-30 dB or more. The exhaust system is equipped with a bellows damper to effectively separate the propagation of exhaust vibration. The exhaust pipe in the silent cover is insulated and sound-insulated to improve engine performance. The working environment of the silent generator set separates the noise caused by the exhaust pipe.

     3. Control of mechanical noise and combustion noise: mechanical noise is mainly caused by vibration or mutual influence caused by cyclical changes in gas pressure and inertial force during operation of engine components; Combustion noise refers to the combustion noise in the cylinder; the blockage treatment of the unit with the shock absorber cushion; the enclosed silent cover (the door and window is the sea LED) separates the noise from the outer casing. The silent cover adopts a good sound absorbing material, and the sound absorption amount is large.

     4. Silent Trailer Generator Cooling Fan and Exhaust Noise Control: Fan noise consists of rotating noise and eddy current noise. The exhaust passage is directly connected to the outside world. The air speed is very high. The airflow noise, fan noise, and mechanical noise radiated through the channel control the noise of the cooling fan and exhaust passage. A good exhaust sound absorption channel is designed. It consists of a guiding channel, an exhaust anechoic box or a guiding channel and one or more sets of sound absorbing baffles. Sound Absorption Channel: The effective area of the exhaust port needs to meet the heat dissipation requirements of the silent generator set to avoid the increase of exhaust port resistance and the increase of exhaust noise caused by the unit shutdown at high water temperature.

     5. Silent trailer generator set intake noise control: the intake and exhaust channels are directly connected to the outside world, and the air flow rate is very high. Airflow noise and silent generator operating noise are radiated through the intake passage. The air intake control air filter itself has a certain noise cancellation effect. Intake channel requires sound absorption treatment: use intake louver + guide groove + noise reduction baffle combination or intake louver + noise reduction box combination.