Some matters needing attention in the operation of Weifang generator set
- 2019-03-05-

      Weifang Generator Set operates with high power factor or low Hazard of power factor:

     Excessive rated power factor actually means that when the machine is under rated active power and rated apparent power operating conditions (usually in stagnant phase mode) The power factor value during operation, the lower the rated power factor of the same rated active unit, the stronger the ability to carry reactive power during operation. The rated current also increases, which increases the construction cost of the Weifang generator set.

      In operation, in theory, under the same terminal voltage, if the power output is higher under the same active output, the more reactive power generated Less, the lower the potential of the generator, the lower the static operation stability level of the generator. In operation, if the power factor drops below the rated value, the active power output is reduced, so that the stator and rotor currents are not limited, and it is neither economical nor Not safe. This type of operation often occurs when there is a system accident and a serious shortage of reactive power, which requires the generator to reduce the active power and increase the reactive power.

     Weifang generator set connection: First, the flexible connection, the coupling is used in the maintenance of the generator; the second is the rigid connection, the connection of the generator steel and the bolt Diesel flywheel disk composition.

    Currently, many rigid connections are used. After the Weifang generator set is repaired, it is connected to the generator, installed on the common chassis, and then equipped with sensors, such as water temperature sensors. The water temperature sensor can display the operating status of the diesel engine to the operator. With these sensors, an upper limit can be set and the control system will give an early warning when the limit is reached or exceeded.

    At this point, if the operator does not take measures, the Weifang generator set maintenance control system will automatically shut down the unit. The generator set takes this approach to play a self-protection role. The sensor acts to receive and feed back a variety of information. It is the control system of the unit itself that displays these data and performs protection functions.