The reason why the water temperature of Steyr diesel engine unit is too high
- 2019-03-05-

     Steyr diesel engine unit converts chemical energy into Mechanical energy machine. Its conversion process is actually the process of the work cycle. Briefly, it generates kinetic energy by burning fuel in a cylinder, driving a reciprocating motion of the piston in the engine cylinder, thereby driving the connecting rod and the connecting rod to the piston. The connecting crank moves around the center of the crankshaft to output power.

    Stayer diesel engine unit water temperature is too high:

    1. The water tank fan does not rotate, check whether the water tank fan is working properly The method is to turn on the refrigeration system. If the compressor has started and the fan is still not running, the fan has failed. When the water temperature sensor is disconnected, the fan will automatically operate to protect the engine. In this case, the water temperature sensor can be pulled out for judgment.

    2. Radiator radiation is not good, mainly in the summer. When checking, open the hood and see if the radiator behind the bumper contains too much foreign matter. If the radiator is too clogged, it needs to be cleaned at the repair shop.

    3. Steyr diesel engine unit thermostat can not be opened normally, generator recovery manufacturers analyze, in this case, the coolant can not be normal circulation, can not play a cooling role. The main performance is that the water tank and the return water pipe are at normal temperature (normally, it should be hot), and the water pipes in the water pipe will change due to the expansion of the gas in the water pipe.

    4. Steyr diesel engine unit coolant is insufficient, which is easier to observe, just open the engine compartment to see if the level of coolant meets the requirements.

    5. Sometimes the pump belt will slip and spin due to prolonged use. An important feature when this problem occurs is that it will return to normal after a period of time on the throttle.

    The above is the reason why the water temperature of Steyr diesel engine unit is too high, I hope to help you!