What should be paid attention to in the use of Shangchai diesel generator set
- 2019-03-05-

    For many people, Shangchai Diesel Generator Set is no stranger, but some users may not be able to operate very skillfully. Here, we will learn about the correct operation and the consequences of improper use of diesel diesel generator sets.

    When the cold machine is started, due to high oil viscosity and poor fluidity, the oil pump is insufficiently supplied, the friction surface of the machine is not smooth and smooth, causing rapid wear and even pulling and burning. . Therefore, the diesel engine of the Shangchai diesel generator set should be idling and heating after the cold start. When the oil temperature reaches 40 °C or higher, the load should be started. The machine should start with the low speed gear and drive in the gear until the oil temperature is stable.

    The air filtration of the Shangchai diesel generator set consists of an air filter element, a filter cap and a housing. The quality of air filtration plays a key role in air filtration. The air filter element generally uses a paper filter element, which has high efficiency and low dust permeability.

     Shangchai diesel generator set should pay attention to the following matters:

      Shangchai diesel generator set exhaust is toxic, not in closed places Use, please use in a well-ventilated place; pay attention to turn off the machine when refueling; do not smoke or refuel near the flame when refueling; be careful not to spill and spill fuel on the machine when refueling; keep the machine upright when operating or moving. Tilting of the machine can cause dangerous fuel leakage; please place it in a place that no passers-by and children can't touch; do not place flammable materials near the exhaust port while working; keep the distance between the diesel-fired generator set and the building or other equipment at least 1 meter; do not cover the dust cover during operation, do not use it in rain or snow, use rain and ventilation measures when using it; do not touch the machine when the generator is running, otherwise there will be danger of burns and electric shock; before use, Connect the wires and the ground wire through the 4mm2 cord; do not connect the machine to the city power jack; do not connect the machine to other machines; manual generator is strictly prohibited Gas facilities operating within the restricted area, keeping a safe distance of 30 meters.