Preparation of fuel generator sets before loading and unloading
- 2019-03-05-

    may not notice when moving fuel generators There will be more small parts, they also play an important role, if you do not pay attention, they will be damaged. Here, we will teach you what to look out for before you load and unload the fuel generator set.

    1. Check the components connected to the trailer and the fuel generator set to see if the metal bolts are worn, corroded, broken, bent or loose due to excessive use. The tractor capacity should increase the coefficient of the weight of the fuel generator set.

    2. Connect the trailer to the fuel generator set to check if the connection is stable. Connect the indicator light, if there is a chain, you can bypass the trailer and connect to the car.

    3. If the front screw jack is installed, tighten it and use a latch or lock to secure it. If so, the front wheel can be locked in the high position and the rear stable jack has been raised or locked.

    3. Check if the tire pressure is normal, check if the tail light is working properly, and check if the spotlight is stable.

    4. Check if the load and ground wires are removed and the windows, doors and toolbox are closed and locked to remove the external tubing.

    5. If the device has a hand brake, release the handbrake and remove the wood that holds the wheel.

    The use and maintenance of the fuel generator air filter should be noted that when the engine is working, the air filters the dust through the microporous filter element, so that clean air enters the supercharger and then enters the cylinder. . The inner filter element is made of felt. In use, a layer of dust can stick around the outer filter. Water and oil should not be used when cleaning the filter element outside the air filter. Oil and water should be prevented from staining the filter element. The specific method is: tap, dust, and then blow with dry compressed air below 0.4MPa. When blowing, it should be blown from the inside to the outside.

    Proper operation can greatly protect equipment, reduce damage to fuel generator sets, and reduce operating costs. I hope that the preparation of the above fuel generator sets before loading and unloading can help you.