Cummins diesel generator set fuel saving small trick
- 2019-03-05-

    Cummins Diesel Generator Set is used to maintain our daily needs, everyday An important tool for life, once we have a power outage caused by an unexpected situation, then our standby generator set will start in time, enter the working state and reduce our losses. Here is a brief introduction to the common fuel-saving tips of Cummins diesel generator sets:

    1. We can use the fuel-saving smoke suppressor. The fuel-saving and smoke-reducing device is vertically fixed on the oil front end of the fuel injection pump and directly connected to the DC power supply. When applied in diesel generator sets, its smoke reduction effect is good. It not only reduces environmental pollution, but also saves about 5% of oil, which is convenient and quick.

    2. Installation of inertia booster. The installation and use of inertial superchargers on Cummins diesel generators typically increases power by 15% and fuel consumption by 3% to 5%.

    3. Wrap the toilet paper on the filter element. Two to three layers of highly absorbent toilet paper on the oil filter of Cummins diesel generator sets can improve oil cleanliness and reduce fuel consumption.

    What happens to the abnormal voltage of Cummins diesel generator set system? What measures should we take to deal with these phenomena?

    1. When the 220 kV bus voltage is higher than the specified voltage range, you should not wait for a long command. We should adjust the excitation current of the generator to bring the bus voltage back to the normal range.

    2. When we adjust the excitation current of the Cummins diesel generator set to the lower limit of the generator to allow reactive power, the bus voltage is still higher than the voltage value specified by the length of the value. The duty officer should report the length of the value in time and handle it accordingly.

    3. When the 220kV bus voltage is lower than the specified voltage range, the reactive power of the unit should be adjusted without waiting for the fixed length command. If the bus voltage does not return to normal before the rated output, the long value should be reported in time and the system should be required to adjust the voltage.

    4. If the system voltage is reduced and the frequency is reduced at the same time, the accident should be treated according to the frequency reduction method.