What are the reasons why low-noise generator sets do not generate electricity?
- 2019-03-05-

    Some users don’t generate electricity when they start low noise generators. So in this case, what kind of inspection should we do? What is the reason for the low-noise generator set not generating electricity after it starts?

    1. What should we do for the low noise generator set?

    1. Measure whether there is electricity and replace the voltmeter with a generator.

    2. Place it in automatic or manual mode.

    3. Check and correct according to the circuit diagram.

    4. Low-noise generator sets or machines that are not used for a long time are relatively easy to appear.

    5. The end face of the carbon brush is sanded to match the arc of the surface of the collector ring by more than 70%, and the spring pressure is strengthened.

    6. Clean the carbon brush and carbon brush grip to make the carbon brush move freely.

    7. Check the forward and reverse resistance of the low noise generator diode, such as damage and replacement.

    8. Check and change whether the forward and reverse resistors do not meet the characteristics requirements.

    9. Check with M1K windings. If the resistance is infinite, the windings should be connected. Then check with a 1 Euro gear. If the resistance value is zero, replace or process the winding. If it is unstable, check if the connection is loose.

    Second, the low-noise generator set does not generate power failure and its causes:

    1. The low-noise generator set control panel shows that the voltmeter is broken.

    2. The “Automatic Manual Degaussing Switch” on the control panel is in the de-excitation position.

    3. Connection error.

    4. No remanence or remanence is too low.

    5. The carbon brush is not in good contact with the collector ring or the carbon spring pressure is insufficient.

    6. Carbon brush holding rust or toner holding carbon brush, so that the carbon brush can not move up and down.

    7. The rectifier 2 on the field rectifier board is open or shorted to the continuous current diode.

    8. The low noise generator set rotary rectifier module is damaged.

    9. The winding or field winding is broken or not in good contact.

    The above is the content and reason for the non-power generation after the start of the low-noise generator set. I hope to help users who have this phenomenon.

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