Domestic diesel generator set

Domestic diesel generator set

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    Domestic diesel power generation Units Do not operate with insufficient cooling water or excessive cooling water and oil temperature:

    Insufficient cooling water in domestic diesel generator sets will reduce their cooling effect. The machine overheated due to the lack of effective cooling. The mixing of water and oil can also cause the generator to overheat. At present, the main heating load of the cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston assembly and valve is large. Its mechanical properties, such as strength and durability, reduce the deformation of the parts, reduce the fit clearance between the parts, accelerate the wear of the parts, and the disadvantages of cracks and machine jams when severe.

    The high temperature of the cooling water and oil of the domestic diesel generator set will accelerate the aging and combustion of the engine oil, and the viscosity of the oil will decrease. The state lubrication conditions of the cylinder and the piston and the main friction pair deteriorate, and abnormal wear occurs.

    Overheating of the diesel engine will also worsen the diesel engine's pacing process, causing the injector to operate abnormally, poorly atomized and carbonized.