Product Details

    Low-noise generator set is widely used in hotels and hospitals A place with strict environmental requirements such as schools, as a public power source or a backup power source.

    The characteristics of the low noise generator set are:

    1. Compact design, small size, beautiful appearance, multiple colors allow you to choose.

    2. Noise structure Multi-channel discharge, intake passage to ensure sufficient power performance of the unit.

    3. The use of exhaust muffler and impedance composite muffler greatly reduces the noise when exhausting.

    4. Adapt to the urban environment requirements, low operating noise;

    5. General unit noise can be reduced to 70db (A) (L-P7m Measuring).

    6. The noise unit of the low noise generator set can reach 68db(A) (measured at L-P7m).

    9. Effective damping method ensures balanced operation of low-noise generator sets. Scientific theory and user-friendly planning make it easy for users to operate and investigate the operating status of the unit.